Naturopathy Meet@ Hyderabad, Telangana

On the occasion of 70th Indian Independence day Dr.Raju and other co- ordinators of Naturopathy and alternative medical fraternity had launched a book "How to cure Diabetes'' written by Dr.Biswajit Roy chowdhury at Nadipathy center,Hyderabad.Speaking on the occasion Dr. Raju had lectured on how to reduce Diabetes without any fear but in a Natural Way.This book would definitely help to those who have fascination to utilise the natural approach in reducing the Diabetes without any fear.

 A successful meet held by  International Naturopathy Organisation
 (INO) @ Nadipathy,Hyderabad center to spread the awareness among the society to balance the Nature with an healthy mind and life.

On this occasion there were 30 people joined in the meet and registered with INO.
Dr.Krishnam Raju, President,INO –Andhra Region delivered the initial note and principles of Naturopathy along with  Dr.L.Franklin Herbert,Regional President,INO,Southern States.The Nadipathy team in Hyderabad arranged this meet and Dr. Rajesh,Dr. Balu garu and Nadipathy team had made arrangements.


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